Windows 10/11 in 2024 SOE – finalization

Basically, powrshell.

A few key criteria:

1 > Is windows 10/11 activated? true or false

2 > Is there any driver issues? as far as powershell goes, this is basically a 1 or 0 like the license.

3 > is the main ethernet connected network adapter running at 1gbps? I have a quick job for this in Datto like the windows license!

4 > if this is a client, is there a mapped drive (M:) to the master PC? if this is a mster PC, is there a shared folder?

5 > My last task is to prompt the user for 1, the Windows serial number; Pretty sure I can do this autonomously. Lastly, What is the PC serial number? I may consider putting up a GUI or google form to enter this. Although: Recently we have a way of getting this detail from the vendor so it’s a bit moot?

Rolling out an SOE in 2024 without an Azure/EntraID platform

So this is 100% a work in progress. However, I’ve mostly worked this out! with help from EA*!

How do you deal with an SOE rollout without a centralised SOE, intune, terraform, SCCM platform? This statement still stands as we don’t have intune or SCCM or otherwise. That said. I’ve been advised that we have some software management in the pipeline! From my understanding, it still won’t help us here but maintain the SOE and standards, etc. Wish me luck!

If you don’t have VPN site-to-site access ,etc?

We have GPO’s but they are local? we have constraints and considerations ,etc.
Well, without violating an NDA or giving too much details I’m going to share with you all how we achieve this!

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