MY Top 5 Fitness bookmarks of 2014

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Here are my fitness bookmarks from 2014, I accumulate a lot of bookmarks throughout the year and I will be doing more top 5’s like this. This one today is about fitness mainly.

Fitness Challanges


 Monthly Fitness Challenges

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Basically these are little images that are normally made up of 30 days and consistently get harder as the month progresses as you can see in this pic here.

Some of them are fairly generic like Arms, legs, but, etc. But someare more specific like





Youtube personal trainer

Gregory Han writes a very interesting article where in he talks about not paying for a monthly gym membership. Instead he used youtube and various other apps to keep himself in shape. He talks about things like the 7 minute workouts ,etc. And how all you need is a phone or a tablet and youtube to workout. Very interesting and no excuse not to workout!







Automatic Meal Planner


Eat this much!Eat this much! Is an automated meal planner, you simply tell it how many calories you want to consume in a day and in how many meals and just generate!

The website also supports various different diets such as vegetarian, paleo, etc.

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Fitness Calculator (VO2max)



The world fitness level website is a great tool to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.

The short quiz takes many variables into consideration when calculating your fitness. For example it asks you where you are from and your highest completed tertiary education ,etc.

How accurate it is may be another question. Take the results as a grain of salt. You’re as fit as you feel!





Periodic table of body weight exercises

I’ve spoken about this one on my blog before! Click the title for the post.

This basically is a chart of self body weight exercises so no equipment needed! again there’s no excuse now! all you need is you!.


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