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I have been trying out the dev release for windows server 2012 and found it pretty cool and easy to work with. I setup a little caching only DNS server and some simple active directory stuff. Along with all my other favorites like sickbeard and sabnzbd ,etc. However server ’12 is now winging about activation and im finding the DNS not to my liking nor is IIS. So I am taking the plunge and going down the linux path for a home server. Going to try and keep it as simple as possible. Again another simple caching DNS with samba shares and what not. The best part about SLAMP is that this is all up and running straight out of the box, including an openSSH server for easy access. I plan to run these services maybe now or maybe later:

  • LAMP stack
  • BIND for my caching DNS
  • SQUID (Proxy, probably at a later date, want to get everything else working first and haven’t played with this much yet)
  • Webmin and Usermin
  • SAMBA (including the sharing of my laser printer)
  • OpenSSH
  • SabNZBd
  • Sickbeard
  • A torrent client of somekind maybe Deluge as I have used it before and found it to be pretty good.

SLAMP Desktop

Pretty sure thats it for now. As usual will post my results at a later date and any problems / solutions I run into along the way.

For those of you interested, you can download the latest ISO from sourceforge here:

One more final note. SLAMP devs make it very clear that the distro probably shouldn’t be used in a production environment unless you make some serious config changes.

So for some reason I can’t get grub or lilo to work with my slamp install 🙁 So I’m just going to go with good old debian for now and just install what I need.

Found a great guide:


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