Low disk space? hiberfill.sys is huge wtf!?

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So I was actually booting up Photoshop to do some graphics for another article on my blog when Photoshop winged about my scratch disks being full, so wtf right? Well my my SSD (my windows and scratch drive) was just about full!

So I booted up an old gem I’ve been using for years WinDirStat (http://windirstat.info/


This great program will show you which files/folders on your chosen hard drive are taking up so much space! It’s fairly quick about it too! especially on an SSD.

The first file that popped out at me was “hiberfil.sys” Imediately I googled it and found it was the temp file windows uses to hibernate your PC.

You can’t delete this file normally so If like most of us you don’t hibernate your PC because it’s well.. a PC then you can probably turn hibernation off. Open up a command prompt (must have admin rights!) Easiest way is to type in cmd into start search box, right click and ‘Run as Administrator’ cmd_as_adminNow just paste this code in:

powercfg -h off

hit enter and magically the file is gone and your hard drive is Gigs lighter! (Probably about the size of your RAM ,etc).

Thanks to How-To-Geek for this info (http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15140/what-is-hiberfil.sys-and-how-do-i-delete-it/)

Hope this helps!



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