Automatic install: Common apps after re-image

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Working in the ICT industry for quite some time now, its fair to say i’ve done my fair share of computer/laptop re-images


.Basically wiping the machine and putting a fresh install of whatever OS is required, most of the time it’s Windows. In my head I’ve always had a sort of procedure I follow and to what apps I think every computer should have after a re-install. The common ones go without saying such as an anti-virus/malware ,etc. but then there’s the other ones like a decent browser and pdf reader.

Recently a friend introduced me to Ninite, I great time saving site that produce an app with pretty much does it all for you!

A full list of software you can auto install is available on their site, but let me just say it’s quite extensive and more than enough for the average user install.

That’s all I pretty much had except that I might also recommend team-viewer for any future support you may need to give to a client or relative.

Also once you get the new install working the way you like, I also recommend DriveimageXML. A great cloning tool which will create an xml and dat file (an exact copy) of your drive. Making it easier to do a new install in the future. Just simply restore the xml backup and you’re good to go! XML backups can be restored via a WinPE boot or any other bootCD distro. Some further googling may be required if you ever need to restore in an emergency though.

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